How To Make Money Being A Cam Girl? The Ultimate Guide

How to be a camgirl and how to make money on webcam efficiently? In the previous article about best camgirl sites, we’ve found out that working as a webcam model is an ideal choice for sociable, cute and confident girls who like to devote their free time to conversations with representatives of the opposite sex.

If you are passionate about new acquaintances and do not mind building a career in webcamming, then you should pay attention to working on camgirl websites. In this business, the success of the model mostly depends on the desire of the girl and her constant improvement.

how to be a cam girl, how to make money on webcam, cam girl websites, cam girl sitesYou should be able to hold the attention of the interlocutor and rouse his interest so that he can’t tear his eyes away from you and come back to see you again and again. The work of the camgirl is quite desirable nowadays and there are many girls who want to earn money online without leaving their home.

That’s why the girls tend not to discuss the pros but willingly talk about the disadvantages of being a camgirl. It’s pretty obvious that these girls are simply afraid of the competition.

In this article, we will discuss all the tricks and secrets that will reveal you how to be a camgirl and attract the largest number of generous customers, because silently sitting in the kitchen in front of your laptop may not be enough in order to achieve this.

                                            The Quality Of Your Webcam

How to be a camgirl that attracts more visitors? First off, buy a high-quality webcam. In the work of the web model, the camera is one of the most important factors that affect earnings. Why is that? It’s simple – many men visit camgirl sites in order to have a look at beautiful girls. Imagine a situation in which a user enters a model account and sees a pixelated image of you through a cheap, poor-quality camera.

how to be a cam girl, how to make money on webcam, cam girl websites, cam girl sites

Do you think he will stay in your chat room? Of course not! He will not do this because there are many other models on the same website, which have excellent video cameras. The quality of the transmitted image is a very important factor.


Correct lighting is another important point, which should not be forgotten. Here are a few simple rules:

  • The light should be directed at you! Do not place the camera in front of a window or any other source of bright light. In this case, the camera will primarily focus on the source of light, and instead of you users will observe an incomprehensible dark silhouette.

  • Semi-darkness is bad! If you think that a dim light can create a romantic atmosphere – you are mistaken. The reason for this has a purely technical nature. After all, the less lighting in the room – the worse will be the quality of the transmitted video.
  • The light of the monitor is not enough! Do not think that the laptop screen can replace a full-fledged lamp. Your face and shoulders will be somehow visible, but the rest of the body will be out of sight.

White lamps deprive the skin of natural color. A model with a pale face and without any blush will be liked by few. Therefore, watch the color reproduction of your camera with the light of different color and intensity.

                                                     Makeup & Clothes

There are two main options here. You can focus the attention of your viewers on your face or on the body.

The emphasis on the face assumes a close-up of the face and decollete. Consider this option if you have an unusual appearance and you really differ from other pretty girls. Makeup should accentuate your appearance, and only you decide how to do it better, but in general, try to use minimum cosmetics and look as natural as possible.

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To tell the truth, the emphasis on the body is more advantageous. It consists in the visibility of your entire body within the view of the camera. In this case, it is important to choose the right clothes – sexy underwear, accessories. According to statistics, men like to communicate with models completely devoid of complexes concerning their bodies.

 How To Be A Camgirl That Always Looks Stunning? Choose Your Best Posture

Beginners often make one mistake – they sit too close to the camera. As a result, the only part of the body that is visible is the face of the model. Take a sit a little bit farther and buy a wireless keyboard and mouse in order to be able to easily text the members of the chat.

There are several most advantageous poses but there is no best one because it varies from person to person. The main rule is to show oneself only from a favorable side:

  • Sitting opposite the camera. The customer should not only see your face, but also a large part of your body. The more open you are to the visitors, the more fans you will be able to get.
  • Lying or reclining on the bed/sofa. Experiment with the angle. Which one of them seems to you the most successful? And how does it affect the daily earnings?

how to be a camgirl, how to make money on webcam, camgirl websites, cam girl sites

  • Standing in front of the camera. Why not? Visitors will be pleasantly surprised to see you dancing among hundreds of sitting models. With a great probability, they will keep watching you.

The camera is not in front, but behind you. How do you find this innovative idea? Meanwhile, the girls who first started to show themselves from the back (which is one of the most exciting parts of the female body), received a rabid response from men. So, do not be afraid of experiments and try to find a pose which “monetizes” best.

     How To Make Money On Webcam By Using Facial Expression & Gestures

There’s no denying that the skills of a psychologist will be useful for a webcam model. During your first shows, you will realize that the static position does not bring profit, but demonstrating your natural charming body and at the same time using certain gestures and flirt will help to easily win the attention of the interlocutor. Take the following tips into consideration:

how to be a cam girl, how to make money on webcam, cam girl websites

  • Always smile. Laughter is a very important thing, although it sounds rather trite. It was not for nothing that ancient philosophers noticed that a smile on a person’s face, as a rule, causes smiles on the faces of other people. Thus, smiling in a chat, you will share your positive mood with your clients, which will certainly contribute to their desired attention.
  • Take an interest in your visitors. You must be extremely attentive while communicating with the clients. It’s simple: if your attention is at a high level, your clients’ attention to you will increase by 100% – so say psychologists.

You should pay special attention to the names of your customers, especially regular ones, which you have to remember. This is very important because they will be pleasantly surprised by such attention to their personality if during the next visit to the cam site the model addresses them by name and even asks how they are doing.

                                        Workplace Of The Webcam Model

How to be a camgirl that looks professional? One of the most important things to do is to make your workplace look inviting. Nobody will like to see the dirt and poverty against the background of a beautiful girl, so, choose your workplace with responsibly. Let it be just a small corner of your room, but its set-up should be neat and cozy, prompting the viewers to immediately join you.

how to be a camgirl, how to make money on webcam, camgirl websites

Many girls work in their own bedroom, on the bed or sofa. It’s not only extremely comfortable, but this interior also tends to have a considerable success among men.

If for some reason you can not show the walls of your room, put a screen behind the sofa – an excellent workplace is ready.

                                  How To Be A Camgirl? Just Be Yourself!

As you know, every woman, even the weakest, has her own character. According to Freud, this very character plays a very important role in the ability of the girl to attract the attention of a male representative.

In other words, one should learn how to use features of one’s own character, especially positive ones, in order to communicate in a most effective way. By the way, most of the successful web models prefer to remain themselves, not being afraid of hundreds of viewers.

how to be a camgirl, how to make money on webcam, camgirl websites


Among other things, every woman is, first of all, a person who needs to have self-confidence. It’s especially important for working as a video chat model where this is a real key to success. It is necessary for her to speak with great confidence, but at the same time pleasantly and gently. Believe me, it looks sexier than a regular striptease.

Moreover, each person is talented in his own way, because God did not deprive anyone of this gift (this is what Salvador Dali thought). Your task is to discover your talents and display them during your work. You will certainly find something unique in your personality if you look at yourself from different angles, for example, some useful skills.

                                          Forget About Your Complexes

One more thing is that every woman has her own complexes. Even the famous actresses decide to have a plastic surgery for the sake of improving their appearance. When you log into the camgirl website, you should completely forget about all your complexes, but on the contrary, open up and reveal yourself in order to show all your nature and sincerity.

how to be a camgirl, how to make money on webcam, camgirl websites, cam girl sites

After all, even in the girls who don’t have an outstanding appearance, users sometimes find something extraordinarily attractive and inviting. So my advice – just throw all your shortcomings out of your head, just delete them, as if you never had them.

      How To Be A Camgirl Without Undressing But Just Communicating?

Your erudition and the ability to talk on any topic can work wonders. This often works much more efficiently than the usual undressing and exposure of your body parts. According to statistics, a great majority of users enter the chat, primarily to get a simple human communication.

how to be a camgirl, how to make money on webcam, camgirl websites, cam girl sites

Therefore, it only remains to find an interesting topic for the conversation, for example, such as sex and sexuality – these subjects act magically on men, they forget about everything in the world if they are sitting before a goddess, who is revealing the secrets of women’s fantasies and desires.

Do not stop working on your communication skills, constantly improving it. Furthermore, one should not avoid talking to users who you may find not so attractive, becoming a good psychologist for them and trying to understand even them.

      How To Be A High-Paying Camgirl? Make It A Bit Personal & Be Smart

Sometimes it is very important to recall some facts or situations from your own life that can seem insignificant at first glance but very often help to achieve surprising success. After all, the sincerity of your story, will undoubtedly, draw attention and sympathy of the client. And it means that for the sake of this he will easily agree to pay for “private”.

how to be a camgirl, how to make money on webcam, camgirl websites

Besides that, there is one golden rule for those models that are extremely reluctant to undress in front of the camera. Try to ask the members of the camgirl websites the questions that involve detailed answers. They will automatically make the interlocutor talk more, and you – just listen to him. I think that you will agree with me that listening and earning money at the same time, is doubly pleasant.

                                     Learn How To Deal With Rude Visitors

You probably understand it yourself that like in any other job, you will meet absolutely different kinds of people during your work as a cam girl and unfortunately, not every one of them is courteous and tactful.

If someone is writing some offensive stuff in a chat or just bothers you with questions that you don’t want to answer, the best thing you can do in such a situation is to simply ban or block this user. Well, obviously, it’s better to make a warning first, and if he doesn’t understand it and continues, then don’t be afraid to be strict with to be a camgirl, how do you become a cam girl

One more important thing is that you shouldn’t communicate or argue with such people by replying to their insulting comments. First of all, you will probably get mad and distracted by doing it, which may influence other normal visitors of your room who just don’t want to see or hear all that stuff, and the second thing is that such mean people don’t even deserve your time and attention.

So as you can see, just ignoring or blocking them is the best way to do it. Bu the way, you also have one more additional option of reporting it to your moderator who will quickly help you with getting rid of that rude fellow.

                          A Camgirl Should Know How To Plan Her Time

Being your own boss is definitely a pleasure, but you shouldn’t think that it’s easy because it’s not. In my opinion, the ability to individually plan your work and leisure without other people’s help and do it efficiently is the main thing that distinguishes a real entrepreneur from a regular employee who does things that his boss told him to do and most importantly, when to do it.

Just think about it. When you have a job, you perfectly know that you should always be on time and that you will probably have problems if you’re late. When you’re first starting to work for yourself, you may think that the timing and scheduling are not so important because nothing too bad happens in case you do it later, isn’t it? how do you become a cam girl, how to make money being a cam girl

But this is exactly where your main mistake lies. Successful businessmen learned how to be strict with themselves and do things on time. Don’t be lazy and put tasks aside because you will soon notice that you’re not keeping pace with everything you wanted to do. Another mistake that you can do is being over-diligent and working too hard without a proper rest.

You should realize that people are not machines and that the quality of our work gets worse when we are tired. Moreover, it can negatively influence our health in a long run. In addition to that, we’ve already discussed that being a camgirl requires you to always be as attractive as possible which can’t be done without a proper leisure.

                               Non-native Camgirls Should Learn English

It’s a pretty well-known fact that among the webcam models there are a lot of girls from all over the world. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it because customers do like such a variety. Wealthy men pay special attention to the Eastern European girls because they have proved their reputation as natural to be a camgirl, how do you bacome a cam girl

Your English should not be perfect and you can have an accent but you should definitely be able to freely communicate with your customers in English because it’s an international language. As you already know, being a camgirl is not only about showing your body. Cam girls who don’t speak English will lose a lot of customers, even if they have an extremely attractive appearance.

I really hope that you will find all the tips that I’ve mentioned above useful and that they will help you to become a successful cam girl who makes a full time living on webcam. Thank you for your attention.